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3 Tips To Make Your Boat’s Paint Job Last Longer

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Tips To Make Your Boat’s Paint Job Last Longer

If you thought that preserving the brand-new look of your boat was impossible, think again. Ensuring a long life for your boat paint job is much easier than it sounds. With a little TLC, the right paint job will hold up for years to come. 

Choose the Right Paint For The Job

Simple boat paint jobs are the best ones. The first—and easiest—way to keep your boat’s paint job looking fresh is to choose the right paint for the job. While the cost of painting the boat with a durable product to paint your boat with might seem steep at first, we guarantee that it will a.) protect the body of your boat and b.) help you avoid having to repaint your boat every few years. These two factors will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your boat and its paint job. 

Keep reading to learn about the different types of paint you can use for your boat. 


Painting your boat with gelcoat will give it a shiny finish. To maintain the shine, you’ll need to apply a seal regularly to protect the paint layers from dirt and other contaminants. 

LP (linear polyurethane)

LP paint leaves a shinier finish on your boat than gelcoat paint does. It gives your boat the shiny look you dream about. A paint job done with this product can last over ten years while requiring a minimal amount of maintenance. 


Awlgrip is a polyester-based, high-gloss topcoat paint that helps protect your boat’s color by sealing in the paint. It’s a top-rated paint brand in the boating industry. The cost to paint a boat with awlgrip will be a little higher than other paint types, but it’s known to last longer than other paint jobs. 

Maintaining the Paint Job For A Long Time

You’re not quite done after applying layers of paint to your boat. You also need to maintain the paint job to make sure it lasts a long time. We recommend using mild cleaners—such as Windex or a vinegar and water mixture—to remove contaminants from your boat’s surface without stripping the paint’s protective layer. 

Remember to wash your boat regularly with water and a detergent that’s designed specifically to clean painted surfaces. When washing your boat, be sure to use soft water. The abundance of minerals in hard water can strip away the paint. We recommend using a gentle wash mitt to wash and The Absorber® to dry. These two products paired together will leave your boat looking good as new. 

To add an extra layer of protection to your boat’s paint job, apply a sealer. This element will repel dirt and keep UV rays from fading the paint color. 

Polishing/Waxing your Boat

You shouldn’t polish your boat for the first few to several years of using it because doing so could strip your boat’s paint job of the protective seal that helps it last a long time. Here's our step by step method after that time is up how to wash and wax your boat. After those first years, though, giving your boat a good polish will keep the surface smooth and shiny for years down the road. 

How to Paint the Hull of a Fiberglass Boat

Start by removing the current layer of paint from the hull of your fiberglass boat, and sand it down. These small steps will give you a smooth, clean surface to work with. Wash the surface with soap and fresh, soft water, then let it dry. Apply a layer of your desired paint, and let it dry thoroughly. Once the paint dries, apply a layer of sealer to protect the paint from smudging or getting damaged by dirt and other materials. 

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CleanTools has the products you need to give your boat a thorough wash and dry before applying layers of paint and sealer. Whether you need a high-quality wash mitt or a super absorbent drying towel, we have what you need. If you have more questions about how to preserve your boat’s paint job, our boat experts are happy to help. 

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