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Do you have a question about our products or their applications? Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Absorber. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to call us at 800-654-3933 or fill out our form.

What do I do if my Absorber dries out?

Great question! If you choose not to store The Absorber in its tube, it will dry out. It will be stiff as a board, but not to worry, simply run warm water over it and watch your Absorber come back to life. Rinse and wring it a couple of times and your Absorber will become soft and supple again.

What do I do if my Absorber develops an odor?

Odors in an Absorber can be caused by many things. Sometimes it gets stored without being FULLY wrung out, and the odor emanates from the stale water held within the Absorber’s pores. To eliminate most odors, you can wash the product in the washing machine with liquid detergent. Adding a little ammonia to the wash cycle helps eliminate any persistent odors. We recommend washing your Absorber regularly as you would any towel around your home; this is a proactive approach to avoiding odors to begin with.

What do I do if my Absorber gets grease on it?

Getting the grease out of an Absorber is not too difficult. Just wash the Absorber in the washing machine with liquid detergent and some ammonia. This will get the grease out of the pores. Please note that The Absorber may be a little discolored where the grease spot was, but this will not affect its performance.

Does any one of The Absorber colors work better than others?

No. All colors perform the same.

How can my Absorber be used as a cooling towel?

Cooling off with The Absorber is easy and very effective. Simply hold your Absorber under cool running water for about a minute, wring it out and drape it around your neck for instant relief from the heat.

How do I buy your products wholesale?

To become a wholesaler, fill out and submit the form on our Become a Wholesaler page. Become a Wholesaler and our Boat Lover’s will contact your Boat Lover’s within 2 business days.