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Fall Boating Activities: 3 Things to Do

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Fall Boating Activities: 3 Things to Do

You may think that changes in weather indicate the end of the boating season—it does not. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Cooler temperatures and fewer vessels on the water create an ideal atmosphere for boating in the fall, the sailor can hit the water with their glistening crafts.

The reasons for love fall boating are crisp air and gorgeous fall hues make sailing the open waters much more fun than doing so on sweltering hot days. The fall season does, however, indicate shorter days and ice-cold water. To help you stay prepared, let’s discuss everything you need to know about boating in the fall. 

Things to Do in the Fall on a Boat

If you’re new to boating, or typically boat only in the summer months, you’re in for a treat. There are so many fun activities to do on your craft in the fall. 

1. Stern-gating

Stern-gating is the younger, more adventurous sibling of tail-gating. Instead of driving to a crowded parking lot, invite your friends and other boat enthusiasts for an afternoon of food and fun on your boat. Though you can stern-gate anywhere, it’s definitely more fun when your favorite baseball and football team’s stadium is near the water. 

2. Fall Festivals

There’s nothing like a festival to put you in the mood for all things fall. Pack up your boat and travel down the river to your town’s local fall festival or state fair. 

It’ll be chilly on the water, so grab a hot cup of your favorite pumpkin spice beverage and get your cruise on. If you do plan to travel your city by boat, be sure the waterways have proper boat accommodations and facilities. 

3. Boat Camping

Who says you need a campground to experience the peace and serenity of nature? One of the best activities boat owners can do is go boat-camping. Find a quiet place to cruise, pitch a tent on the deck, and anchor out. 

With boat camping, you can avoid crowded campsites, bond with friends and family, and have a new experience. Don’t miss out on the smores! Prep them beforehand and pop them in a convection oven for ooey-gooey goodness. 

Boating Tips For The Fall Season

When fall boating, keep your friends and family safe with the following recommendations.

  1. Wear a PFD. If you plan on entering the water, always wear a personal flotation device. Doing so protects you from the shock of cold water.  
  2. Mind the weather. Autumn weather is dangerously unpredictable, especially on a boat. Before you go boating, check the day’s weather and prepare for wind, heavy rain, and storms. 
  3. Communicate. Before your excursion, let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Do this every time you boat, not just in the fall.  
  4. Turn on the lights. When boating in the fall, lights are always your friend. Make sure you have navigational lighting that works, as well as waterproof flashlights and headlamps. 
  5. Clean your vessel. After every adventure, be sure to rinse your boat and dry thoroughly with a PVA towel like the Absorber® XL. With this efficient tool, you can spend less time drying your boat and more time enjoying life.

Don’t Forget About Boat Maintenance In The Fall

Keep your craft in optimal condition with regular washes and waxes, as well as a complete rinse after every outing. With a soft and durable PVA cloth material like  The Absorber® you can carefully dry every surface—inside and out. The Absorber® is a multi-purpose tool every fall boat enthusiast needs. Prevent salt damage and corrosion with a machine-washable cloth that’s essential when boating in the fall.

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