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How to Easily Clean and Maintain the Isinglass of Your Boat

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How to Easily Clean and Maintain the Isinglass of Your Boat

Isinglass is a word you’ve probably heard within the boating world. This clear plastic glass is typically found covering the helms of large fishing boats and cruisers but is susceptible to scratching and hazing over time. 

With a little elbow grease and the right products, you can make your isinglass for boats shine as bright as your first day on the open water.

How to Restore the Isinglass of Your Boat

You might think a few chemical cleaners is all you’ll need to clean and restore your boat’s isinglass, but it’s important that you choose isinglass-safe products. Using a biodegradable boat soap is ideal for restoring and maintaining your isinglass without damaging its finish. With us, you can learn how to restore isinglass.

Which Chemicals or Cleaning Products Should I Use?

Biodegradable boat soap should be the only kind of cleaning product you should use on your isinglass. They are considered the best isinglass cleaner. Household cleaners are typically filled with harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your isinglass. 

Which Tools Can Help to Clean Isinglass

There are many exclusive tools that are used as isinglass cleaners for boats. The types of cleaning tools needed to clean your isinglass should be soft and free from abrasive materials that leave micro-scratches. Instead of grabbing the first cleaning brush that you see, use the Boat Lover’s Towel round boat brush . 

The Round Boat Brush

The round boat brush features soft nylon bristles perfect for scrubbing your boat isinglass without worrying about scratches. Its round shape also protects against dings and leaves your isinglass looking shiny and fresh. The part? You can attach our round brush to our extension pole to make those hard-to-reach areas squeaky clean.

How to Dry & Polish the Isinglass of Your Boat

Drying and polishing your isinglass is just as important as your washing and scrubbing techniques. Any leftover water droplets will dry as visible water spots, making all your hard work go to waste. Instead of a terry cloth towel, make sure you’re only using a soft, ultra-absorbent towel like The Absorber®

The Absorber®

The Absorber® is the superior dying towel when it comes to polishing off your boat. With its uniform, sponge-like pore structure, you can dry your isinglass twice as fast as any run-of-the-mill leather chamois would. The Absorber® is chemical-resistant and can cover large areas, which makes cleaning a breeze for those with larger yachts and fishing boats.

The Glosser®

Polishing your helm is easy with our pre-moistened microfiber wipe. The Glosser® will make your isinglass sparkle through the toughest waters, eliminating pesky dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants. These wipes are disposable, making the detailing process quick, easy, and super efficient.

Keep Your Isinglass Clean With Boat Lover’s Towel

Once you get the hang of how to clean isinglass boat, you’ll find that isinglass maintenance is extremely simple. Luckily, Boat Lover’s Towel has the right tools needed to take your isinglass from dull to radiant, explore our site to shop Boat Lover’s Towel . Hit the water in style and clean your isinglass with our extensive line of boat-cleaning accessories and drying products .

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