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10 Best Boat Upgrades for Added Value

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10 Best Boat Upgrades

Boating is a fun investment enjoyed by sailors, anglers, and recreationists. But sometimes, boaters find themselves in situations that can be avoided through practical upgrades. From cup holders to carpet replacement, learn how to upgrade your boat, enhance your experience, and increase your vessel’s value with the best boat upgrades.

Top 10 Upgrades for Your Boat

    1. Add Cup Holders

Setting your drink down on a rocky boat is just asking for a  spill. Make things easy for you and your guests by installing several cup holders around your deck. Cup holders come in various sizes and mounting options to hold any drink of any size at any time—so you can sip comfortably, keep your hands free, and avoid messes while on your boat.

    1. Install Marine-Grade USB Ports

Don’t get stuck on the water with a dead cell phone. Charge your electronics by adding a few USB charging ports throughout your boat and never detour back to the docks again. Marine-grade USB ports are inexpensive and easy to install so it's a perfect upgrade for your boat. Just drill a small hole, connect positive and negative power, and enjoy endless charging capability during every voyage.

    1. Set Up a Trash Can

Most boats don’t have a built-in trash can. This results in you and your guests stuffing plastic grocery bags full of trash that fly away every time you hit the accelerator. Instead, add a portable trash can to your boat for easy trash disposal. These trash cans come in many collapsible varieties for easy removal and storage.

    1. Replace Your Carpet

Have an older boat that’s seen years of dirty shoes, spills, and sun exposure? It sounds like it’s time to upgrade your carpet. Whether you’re selling your boat or not, people will notice your carpet. Carve out some time over the weekend to upgrade your boat by replacing your old carpet with easy snap-in templates. Remember to add those cup holders to avoid spills and keep your boat's new carpet clean.

    1. Install Underwater LED Boat Lights

Colorful underwater lights will not only dazzle your guests and fellow boaters, but they’ll also help light the way at night. With a little drilling and wiring know-how, you can upgrade your boat by installing underwater LED lights.

    1. Add Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing is fun, but fishing for rods when you need them? Not so much. Make your next fishing trip better by installing easily accessible rod holders and some fishing boat upgrades. Rod holders will allow you to double the number of fishing poles you bring—so you’ll never get caught in the water without enough rods to go around the deck.

    1. Boost Your Stereo System

What’s a boating trip on the water without good tunes? Replace your sound system with quality marine speakers that sound so good they’ll make the fish below you want to jam. There are plenty of sound system options for boats on the market to fulfill your needs for hours of mood-boosting music out on the water.

    1. Add a Cell Phone Mount

Fumbling for your phone in your glove compartment is old news. Cell phone mounts are an inexpensive solution for easy and accessible phone storage. Keep your phone a touch away as you navigate the waters with your newly upgraded boat.

    1. Install a Bimini Top

Sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough. With summer in full force, you’ll want to keep yourself and your guests shaded from the blistering sun. Water reflects the sun's rays, so investing in and installing a quality Bimini top will provide comfort and protection from painful sunburns. A Bimini top will also improve the look and value of your vessel.

    1. Buy the Absorber®

Your boat is a big investment. Protect it with the Absorber® — a super-absorbent towel designed to dry excess water in a single wipe. The Absorber® comes in a convenient reusable tube for easy storage, so you can keep it on your boat without taking up unnecessary space. Never let your vinyl seats fall victim to mold and mildew again and get the towel that boaters love.

Keep Your Boat Clean With The Absorber®

Add years of life to your boat by keeping it clean and with sailboat upgrades. The Absorber® is the ultimate alternative to terry cloth towels and chamois due to its sponge-like pore structure. This hyper-drying towel doubles your drying power and protects your upholstery from gradual water damage, preserving your seats for years of enjoyment. Shop the Absorber® at Boat Lover’s Towel for plenty of sizes to fit your needs.

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