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3 Ways To Clean and Protect Your Vinyl Seats

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If you’re a frequent boater, you know how easily mildew can grow on your vinyl seats. After all, your boat withstands a lot of moisture and humidity, even when it’s not on the water. Despite your vinyl seats being susceptible to damage, there are several ways how to protect vinyl seats and prevent mildew growth from making an appearance. Read on to learn the process of cleaning vinyl boat seats.

Potential Harms to Vinyl Seats

Just like your fishing boat, vinyl seats are an investment—so naturally, you’d want to protect your investments. Your vinyl seats are susceptible to a lot of harm like UV rays, water damage, and fallen debris. The best thing you can do for your vinyl seats is to clean them after each fishing trip. This will help prevent mold and mildew growth and will keep your seats looking fresh every time you hit the water.

How To Keep Your Vinyl Seats Clean

Here is a solution for how to clean boat seats. While you should clean vinyl seats after each use, you should not let them air dry. Air-drying vinyl seats may seem harmless, but it does a lot more harm than good. When you leave a vinyl seat to dry on its own, you’re creating a breeding ground for mildew. 

Let’s dive into a few important steps you can take to keep your vinyl seats looking sharp and free from damage.

1. Wash Your Seats Regularly

Your work isn’t done after pulling into the dock after a day’s worth of fishing. Think about all of the moisture, sweat, and debris built up on your vinyl seats—it’s a lot more than you think. Make sure that you have water, mild dish soap, and a cloth on hand to gently scrub away the day’s residue. Besides, a clean boat makes for a great confidence booster.

2. Use a Protective Sealant 

Protective sealant acts as a barrier and prevents the early formation of mold and mildew. Top-rated protective sealants also protect your boat’s vinyl seats from those harmful UV rays, oils, stains, and just about anything the elements can throw at your upholstery. However, protective sealants won’t protect your vinyl from damage due to fallen debris, so make sure you cover your seats and store your boat away from any questionable objects.

3. Dry With the Absorber

Wait right there—did you make sure your vinyl seats are completely dry? The most important rule you should follow is making sure your seats are fully dry before packing things up. For the most effective dry, use an ultra-absorbent towel like The Absorber® to get rid of all excess moisture that could lead to mold and mildew.

Clean Your Vinyl Seats With the Absorber® 

Getting rid of all excess moisture on your prized vinyl seats is crucial for preventing unsightly mold and mildew. With The Absorber®, you can dry your seats faster than run-of-the-mill terrycloth towels. Using this innovative towel is the best way to clean boat seats, and the towel lasts up to a year, eases vinyl seat cleaning, and can easily be kept on your boat in its convenient storage tube. Take the dread out of drying and shop The Absorber®—your vinyl seats will thank you for it.

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