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6 Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

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6 Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

You should be able to enjoy your boat and take advantage of a beautiful day. Keeping your boat trailer maintained makes you the best prepared for all your boat activities.  

Here are some tips and tricks on how to best maintain your boat trailer.

How To Maintain Your Boat Trailer

Checking Trailer Tires & Wheels

Problems relating to boat trailer tires and wheels can leave you stranded and even be a safety hazard which is why it’s crucial to check them frequently. When you go to check your tires and wheels, you need to check the tire pressure, tire wear, and any failed wheel bearings. Also, don’t forget a spare tire; it’s great insurance and some trailers don’t come with one. 

Testing Trailer Brakes

Just like your car, it’s important to maintain the brakes in your boat trailer. You must first keep them clean, rinsing them after a boating trip to wash off any residue from salt or dirt. You should also have the brake pads or shoes inspected every few seasons to ensure safe performance. 

Replacing Trailer Lights if Needed

You should check all the lights in your boat trailer before every use and replace any if needed. Most new trailers have LED lights that are good for years, but the incandescent light bulbs in older trailer lights will burn out quickly. Maintaining your boat trailer lights will keep them working and prevent corrosion. 

The Best Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

Following these tips can help you feel confident about taking your boat back out on the water. 

#1 Tip: Rinse and dry your boat trailer after using it.

The first tip we have to keep your boat maintained is simple: Always give it a good rinse after using it. Rinsing your boat trailer is important in preventing corrosion from saltwater, dirt, and grime. After you rinse, use our boat drying products to effectively dry and shine your boat trailer without leaving any residue or fibers behind.

#2 Tip: Grease trailer wheel bearings every couple of months. 

Along with checking your wheel bearings, you have to grease them every couple of months. We also recommend using wheel-bearing protectors. 

#3 Tip: Check tire pressure at least once a month. 

Put a reminder on your phone or a sticky note on the fridge to check your boat trailer tire pressure at least once a month. Make sure they are at the correct PSI, which should be indicated on the tire sidewall. Along with checking your tire pressure, we recommend carrying an inexpensive air pump with an extension cord to fill your tires if you need it.

#4 Tip: Check your brake fluid and brake pads. 

Check the boat trailer's brake fluid in the master cylinder a couple of times a season.  The fluid level will go down as the brake pads wear.  If the brake fluid levels get too low, you could start a leak in the brake system, which can put your boat trailer out of commission.

#5 Tip: Clean your boat trailer light connections.

Trailer light connections are often missed in cleanings. To keep the light connections from corroding, wipe them clean with a towel and spray them with a corrosion blocker. The best type of towel to use is the boat lover’s towel for its super absorbency and shine qualities.

#6 Tip: Check your wheel lug nuts for tightness. 

To polish off your boat trailer maintenance routine, check your wheel lug nuts for tightness. It’s best practice to take them off all the way, put a little grease on them, and screw them back. Every six years you should replace the tires on your boat trailer, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Maintain Your Boat Trailer With CleanTools

Boat trailer maintenance allows you to get back out on the water to do what you love with peace of mind that you’re properly prepared. Feel prepared to do what you love with the best boat trailer maintenance tools. Home of the boat lover's towel - get yours today at CleanTools.

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