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How To Remove Water Spots On A Boat

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How To Remove Water Spots On A Boat

Removing water spots on your boat is a chore no skipper enjoys doing. To make this chore easier on you and your boat, follow the steps below from CleanTools to remove water spots from your boat with the best products to do so. 

Why Do Water Spots Occur? 

No boat owner likes the look of water spots, and more importantly, the damage they can do. Water spots occur due to the hard water in your area. Hard water carries high concentrations of minerals whereas soft water does not. When hard water dries, it leaves behind a mineral called calcium carbonate–aka lime–on your boat. Most freshwater is hard water, and seawater is considered to be very hard due to its dissolved salts. These calcium deposits from hard water can damage your boat's paint, gel coat, varnish, and especially, clear vinyl panels.

Get the Right Cleaning Products

Before you start removing water spots from your boat, make sure you are equipped with the best, most effective cleaning products. You will need:

3-Step Instructions To Remove Water Spots 

1. Preparing the Boat for Spot Removal

You first need to prepare your boat by giving it a good rinse with pure water. Then, use a gentle soap of your choice and a non-abrasive sponge to wash the surface of your boat. Clean one small area at a time. Use water and soap first, but if that doesn’t work, then use white vinegar mixed 50/50 with water. The acidic vinegar breaks down the alkaline calcium carbonate so you can wash it away.

2. Rinse, and Rinse Some More

Once your boat is clean, rinse it down thoroughly with pure water again. Rinsing is one of the most important steps in removing water spots from your boat. It may sound counterproductive, but rinsing with pure water ensures that when it dries, it won’t leave behind visible minerals.

3. Dry and Wax for a Sparkling Shine

After you rinse, dry with a super absorbent boat towel. Drying the boat as soon as it gets wet is the most productive thing you can do to prevent water sports from occurring. Once the boat is squeaky clean, you most likely have removed the existing wax and will need to re-wax. The most convenient way to wax and shine your boat is with a waxing cloth, such as The Glosser from CleanTools, which is safe for all finishes.

Tips To Prevent Future Water Spots 

Tip One

Tip Two

Tip Three

Chamois, Chamois, Chamois!

Take the time to chamois your boat as soon as it gets wet with a scratch-free towel to prevent water spots from forming. 

Don’t Forget the Hull Side

Many boats have large hull side windows that must be wiped dry and waxed but are often forgotten. 

Can’t Reach a Spot?

If there’s a water spot on your boat but your arms aren’t long enough, try the Boat Lover’s 4-8 Ft. Extension Pole. This pole can attach to a Boat Lovers Towel to dry and remove water spots you can’t reach. 

Give Your Boat a Beautiful Shine With CleanTools

After you take your boat out on the water or during routine cleanings, the last thing you want to worry about is removing pesky water spots. Now you are prepped with the proper steps in removing water spots from your boat to avoid unsightly damage. When you need to maintain your boat, get all the tools you need from CleanTools – the home of the Boat Lover’s Towel. Check out our products and leave us a review! The Absorber® stored on deck. It’s a must-have tool for every boat owner. Not only does  The Absorber® thoroughly dry every surface of your boat with care, but it’s also machine washable! Just toss it in the wash after using it.  The Absorber® makes daunting boat maintenance a breeze. 


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