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Boating Supplies Every Owner Needs for an Epic Boating Season

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Boating Supplies Every Owner Needs for an Epic Boating Season

If you’re a boater, there’s nothing better than taking your vessels out on the water. However, maintaining a boat requires regular maintenance. This not-so-enjoyable aspect of boat ownership is essential to keeping your watercraft beautiful and functional. If you’re new to boat ownership and don’t know the best way to keep it in premium condition and wonder what supplies do i need for my new boat, don’t worry. We’ve listed essential boating supplies for every owner below. 

Boating Supplies Every Owner Needs

Cleaning Supplies

Below is a complete list of the best boat cleaning supplies and yacht supplies that you will need to keep your boat in premium condition.

Soft & Hard Brushes

The right brush will make cleaning your boat a breeze. Although you can get by with only one brush, it’s best to have at least two boat brushes. Soft brushes that protect gel coating will be your source for everyday grime. To tackle aggressive surfaces on your boat, choose a brush with strong bristles

Polishes & Conditioners

Polish your craft with the proper protective treatment habitually. Refinish dull-looking fiberglass and prevent oxidation with Gelcoat, polishes, or waxes. Protect the interior and exterior leather and vinyl furniture with a UV protectant product that leaves a glossy finish. 

Cleaners & Mildew Removers

To adequately maintain your boat’s cleanliness, you may need a series of cleaning solutions. Prevent your vessel’s exterior from weathering and corrosion with a restorative polish and mold and mildew remover. While multifunctional products are most popular among boaters, be sure the products you use are appropriate for the surface you’re using them on. 

Maintenance Supplies

Repair Tools

Eventually, you’ll need to make impromptu mechanical adjustments to your vessel. To prepare for this, review a few maintenance videos and have a small toolbox of boating supplies. This includes pliers, a screwdriver, and a wrench. 

The Absorber®

After making repairs, wipe down surfaces with The Absorber® multipurpose towels. With a variety of sizes, this product will effectively maintain your boat. After use, simply wash and store your Absorbers® in your maintenance and cleaning supplies for next time. 

Maintenance Checklist

Before every excursion, make sure everything on your maintenance checklist is in working condition.

  • Confirm oil reservoirs are full
  • Check bilge and hoses for leaks 
  • Check the water coolant level
  • Monitor oil pressure and voltmeters

Safety Supplies

Flotation Devices

An essential item you need to have on your boat is a flotation device. Ideally, each passenger on your vessel should have their own flotation device, which can also double as seat cushions. You’ll also want a lifesaver, life jackets, as well as flotation gear for a group of people. 

Barrels of Fuel 

Make sure you’re never stranded in the water by preparing for unforeseen boating circumstances. Keeping extra barrels of fuel will come in handy should you get lost or run out of fuel.

Flare Guns

Boaters are legally obligated to have a Coast Guard-approved signal that can be detected both night and day. In case of emergency, a flare gun or other visual distress signal will come in handy. Your boat should have at least two flare kits.

Storing Your Boat

How you store and maintain your boat will ultimately depend on your location and the vessel’s size. Weeks of inactivity or the winter months can lead to storing your boat for long periods of time. Let’s learn more about each method. 

Storage on the Water

This may be a practical solution for boaters with large vessels or de-icers that’ll protect their boats from ice buildup. Alternatively, you may want to keep your boat on the water if you plan on boating year-round. Keep in mind, year-round salt and sun exposure may damage your boat’s finish and lead to barnacles growing on the hull.

Indoor Storage

Storing boats in a garage, shed, or large indoor space will protect them from bad weather, harsh sun rays, and deterioration. This is a popular option for boaters who live in the south and are susceptible to unforgiving hurricanes. If you’re searching for a large space, consider renting a storage unit. 

Dry Stacking

If you opt for outdoor storage, your powerboat will likely be dry stacked. In this method, your boat is lifted by a crane and placed on vertical racks. Outdoor, dry-stacked storage prevents deterioration of the bottom of the boat. It’s also thought to be safe from theft or damage from vandals.

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