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3 Tips to Maintain Your Fishing Boat

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3 Tips to Maintain Your Fishing Boat

For many, fishing is like a meditation on the water. However, as relaxing as a weekend fishing trip is, all fishermen know how much work it is to maintain a fishing boat. Luckily, there are a few fishing boat cleaning tips you can regularly keep up on your vessel to avoid any major repairs.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Fishing Boat

Fishing is supposed to be your time to unwind. You spend a lot of time on your fishing boat, so, as a responsible boat owner, you should minimize the chance of any surprises with a little expertise and elbow grease. Whether you’re fishing on the open sea or a sleepy lake, proper vessel maintenance is a skill all fishermen must learn—and it’s never too late to start. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the fishing boat maintenance process.

1. Hard Parts & Battery Maintenance

The last thing you want is to get stranded in the middle of open water. A dead battery can be a recipe for disaster and will quickly turn your peaceful fishing trip into pandemonium. That being said, it’s crucial to check and maintain your fishing boat's battery. 

Make sure your battery is fully charged and listen for any unusual noises after you start your engine—and don’t forget to check and change your oil. Boats typically need an oil change every 50 to 100 hours spent fishing, so it’s pertinent that you stick to a regular oil-changing schedule.

2. Keep Your Fishing Boat Clean

So you had a successful day on the water—but don’t be so quick to pack up just yet. You don’t want to be the fisherman that stinks up the entire dock with a smelly boat, so make it a habit to clean your fishing boat after each trip. 

Fishing is messy. You can expect your deck to be strewn with blood, scales, and fish pieces after a long day of tossing your line. After you’ve unloaded your equipment, wash your deck using mild soapy water and a durable boat brush to scrub the grimy residue away.

3. Remove All Moisture

Leaving moisture lingering around your fishing boat can lead to big problems like mold and rust. Dew can lead to mold and saltwater can result in corrosion, so it’s important to wipe away any wet areas with a highly-absorbent towel when you see them to reduce the risk of long-term damage. 

A clean fishing boat will boost your confidence and lengthen the life of your vessel. A fishing boat is a big investment, so why not keep your prized possession looking as fresh and clean as it can be?

Keep Your Fishing Boat Clean With CleanTools

Whether you’re embarking solo or spending quality time with friends and family, fishing is a fun and rewarding hobby—but it’s also a lot of work. Make your boat cleaning routine easier with The Absorber®, a super absorbent towel designed to dry twice as fast as your average terrycloth or chamois. Shop our boat-approved cleaning products and let us help you get back to reeling in your best catch.

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