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7 Common Boating Mistakes to Avoid

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Common boating mistakes

Whether you’re new to boating or are a seasoned seafarer, it’s easy to make mistakes. Most boating mistakes happen when boaters are in a hurry—and such simple mishaps can lead to big problems. 

Avoid the worst by preparing for the best-case scenario. Check out the seven most common mistakes you should avoid on and off the water.

The 7 Boating Mistakes You Should Never Make

Everyone makes mistakes, but you should make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to avoid these common boating errors.

1) Forgetting To Check the Marine Weather Forecast

You should make it a habit to always check the weather forecast before each voyage. Otherwise, you run the risk of sailing straight into high winds, rough seas, or dangerous storms. 

2) Failure To Install the Boat Drain Plug Before Launch

Installing the boat drain plug is one of the most basic practices in boating—yet many forget this important step. Failing to install your drain plug can result in a boat full of water, so remember to ensure it’s in your vessel before each voyage.

3) Failing To Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Your boat is a lot like your car. It needs regular maintenance, just like any other motor vehicle or vessel out there. Create a regular maintenance plan and stick to it to avoid any surprises on the water.

4) Overloading the Boat

Overloading a boat is more common with smaller boats than with large yachts. Make sure you know what your boat’s weight capacity is before loading and launching—and don’t overload it with passengers, coolers, or unnecessary items.

5) Running Aground

Running your boat around is dangerous and can cause some serious damage to your investment. Running aground happens when there’s no longer sufficient water to float your boat. Instead, your boat may scrape along sand and rocks. Avoid this issue with a depth finder.

6) Not Putting Out Enough Anchor Line

If you’re catching yourself drifting after you’ve put out the anchor line, then you probably haven’t put enough line into the water. Boats that aren’t properly anchored can drift ashore, into a neighboring boat, or even out to sea. 

Make sure you’re putting out an anchor line that’s between five and seven times as deep as the water you’re in.

7) Getting Lost at Night

Getting lost at sea is scary—but it can be terrifying at night. When the sun goes down, it becomes much harder to identify the shoreline. To avoid this, only go out in sufficient daylight and head back to the shore before dusk. 

You should also use a chart and a marine VHF radio to signal the Coast Guard if you become lost.

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